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Proprietary Software

Proprietary Software

Special Touch unique proprietary app will save your business thousands of dollars over the years, eliminate paperwork, and save valuable time

Features of our software

Customer Reminder Text- System will automatically text your customers 24 hours prior to servicing. If the customer does not respond by a predesignated time, a final text will be sent to confirm the appointment. Program can also send out batch reminders to all your customers with just one click. A log will generated for each customers response so you can verify if a customer confirmed or denied the appointment.

Credit card processing- Customer’s credit card will automatically be charged the night of the cleaning. Program will have a back-end to ensure all credit cards are processed, or, if there was an issue with the card.

Price Estimation- Online system has been set up to provide an immediate price to provide customer. System will have the ability to send your customer an email with the estimated price. Customer worksheet will be automatically generated and stored in a database for future use.

Scheduler- Our unique system will automatically schedule your customers based on:

1.Time of service

2.Location of customer

3.Personnel assigned to specific customers

With just a click of a button, you will have a schedule for any day. Changes can be made based on customers rescheduling, employees on vacation, etc.


GPS Tracking in Real Time

With GPS tracking, you will be able to view the following:

  1. Live Tracking-See where employees are located at any time of the day.
  2. Work Summary-System will automatically keep track of employee’s hours and miles driven that will be used for payroll.
  3. Keep track of profit made for every customer.
  4. App will let you know if a customer did not make a payment.
  5. Let you know, by employee, when they arrived and left a customers home.
  6. Notify you if employees are not at a specific location.

Direct Deposit Payroll

For a fraction of the cost of other online payroll processing services, you will have your own in-house payroll software. This software will be integrated with the GPS software to automatically send payroll information to be processed. You will have the option of direct deposit or be able to print checks.